Trump to Maria "You're fired!

Guess What?? I just came from Trump Tower! You have to check out The 9 today (Friday) where I co-host with none other than Mr. Donald Trump!! And, it's the first time we've ever taken The 9 on the road. Very exciting! It was so cool to be in Donald Trump's boardroom. I'm not gonna lie... it was little scary. And he even said "Maria, you're fired". Amazing! Stay tuned b/c we're going to be taking The 9 on the road a lot more in '07. VEGAS BABY!! You'll see!
Happy New Year!

Maria :)

First ever 'the 9' AWARDS

Check out the first ever 'the 9' AWARDS...Packed with special guests, blasts from the past and more. Very silly but so much fun!! Maybe Mr Belding was'll find out!!

It was a great year for 'the 9'. Thank you all so much for tuning in everyday and being such loyal 9ers. You rock!! Happy Holidays and we promise great things for '07. We may even be hittin' the road!!

Happy Holidays!!! See you on Christmas--'the 9' never sleeps!

I think I'm in love!

OMG! I just met Kermit The Frog.... I have the best job ever!! I can't believe it! He was my very special guest host on The 9 today! I've met a lot of famous people and I've never been so star struck as I was today. I couldn't stop blushing! He was AWESOME! The cutest lil' frog I've ever met! BTW...I think he liked me :) Watch out Piggy!

I feel like our little web show is becoming everything we ever dreamed it would be. I mean it doesn't get much bigger than Kermit T. Frog. The whole 9 gang is still in awe! What a day! Be sure to see the photos of me and Kermie in the gallery.



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